Why you should upgrade your rocker trunions.


On the left is a fully caged trunion bearing and on the right is a half caged trunion bearing with a two piece bearing (taken apart). They both serve the same purpose - to allow the rocker to open the valves with the least resistance possible - but the reliability is day and night. 
When you start upgrading your camshaft, there is more stress on the rest of the valve train.  The stock half trunion, two piece bearing was not originally designed to handle the added stress of the larger camshaft. 
With more power, everything moves quicker and is under more pressure to create more power.  Multiple piece bearings, although pressed in tight, have a chance of separating from the rocker body and coming apart.  In turn, all those little pins have a chance of falling into the motor and causing a catastrophic failure.
This is an easy 2 hour job and a small upgrade that can make a drastic difference in reliability and increase your engines overall life.